Sommer Atelier Aschersleben 2021 Week 1

I’m in Germany for an art residency at Sommer Atelier Aschersleben for three months. While here, I’ve got a nice large studio in Bestehorn Park and I share an apartment with Gyeore Lee, an artist from South Korea who also has a studio. There are two other German-based artists here in the studios also, Nina Stoelting and Martin Daiber Luco. During the first week I’ve been settling in, preparing art materials, exploring the city, sketching and gathering ideas for the art project. I’ve established a scale to work with based on the space and other factors, and now I’m finding a starting point for a series of paintings.

I’ve been planning to do this residency since 2019, and it has been a difficult time. Having a travel exemption to leave Australia and finally being able to go to Germany this summer, where things seem to be finally settling down, it feels even more special to be here. For the project, I want to do something based on local sites, not literally about Aschersleben but with the experience of being here.

Aschersleben feels relaxed, with many large trees and interesting old and historic buildings around the city centre. To get ideas for the project, I’m looking at the landscape with the buildings enabling people to inhabit places in their own different ways. The trees support life, they help sustain activity, and movement. With this in the back of my mind, I’ve been walking around gathering images together for the project. I plan to share a selection of these images and photos of the process online weekly.

Published by Simon Sieradzki

I'm an artist based in Australia. Currently artist in residence at Sommer Atelier Aschersleben from June to September 2021

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